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  • Do hentai educate?

    To inaugurate this new section I want to start by telling an anecdote about a publication I read some time ago in a certain blog about feminism in which they say that we have an obsession to do in bed what we saw in a porn movie or even worse in a hentai. This led El post Do hentai educate? apareció primero en Zettai .

  • Things you didn’t know about oppai

    Round, big, huge, huge, small, soft, warm, no matter the term, you love them and it really doesn’t matter what they look like, oppai are a very special part of a girl’s body and obviously for many of us whether they are 3D or 2D. The oppai have always been the object of admiration, contemplation El post Things you didn’t know about oppai apareció primero en Zettai .

  • 🥵 Burusera: panty fetish

    The fetishism of used panties is the perfect setting to expand sexuality. Both men and women enjoy this practice and get aroused for different reasons... El post 🥵 Burusera: panty fetish apareció primero en Zettai .

  • Neko no Hi: Cat Day 🐱

    February 22 is a very special date for cat lovers in Japan. This day is celebrated as #NekoNoHi, also known as Cat Day. The Japanese have shown their fascination for these felines, and not only limit themselves to having them as pets, but have included them in popular culture in various ways. In this article, El post Neko no Hi: Cat Day 🐱 apareció primero en Zettai .

  • Succubus

    The beautiful succubi, those tender and voluptuous demonic creatures with a great sexual appetite, that if we talk about anime, we usually find them in the Hentai and Ecchi genres.Paranormal legends tell that if you wake up in the middle of the night feeling excited or experiencing orgasms, it is possible that you are being El post Succubus apareció primero en Zettai .

  • JAV star retirements between 2022 and 2023

    Adult film stars in Japan are a topic of great interest to fans of the adult entertainment industry known as JAV, and this 2023, several big names in the industry are expected to announce their retirement, which will have a significant impact on the JAV landscape. Among the most anticipated retirements is that of Yua El post JAV star retirements between 2022 and 2023 apareció primero en Zettai .